OSI Layers Security Threats Detection for Beginners


Successfully identify and resolve risks related to OSI model layers.

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Successfully identify and resolve risks related to OSI model layers.

In this course, we will study security and trust from the hardware perspective. The flow of this module will follow an easy step-by-step guideline to help you connect with the concepts more realistically and with much ease:

· OSI Layer- Introduction

· Explanation of Layers

· Need of Security

· Top Security Threats

· Security Threats at each layer

The learning from this course is based on a case study that will require the student to put into practice the knowledge they have gained through the course. It requires the basic understanding of the topics and the ability to relate those topics to the real world.

What’s in it for you:
With the development of technology comes the high profile hacking techniques. For this reason, security professionals are in massive demand. But for this, security professionals and analysts have to understand the fundamentals of how network layers work and the key ingredients that can make the security in every layer stronger.

This beginner level course will discuss the security mechanisms and different measures that need to be taken in each layer of the OSI model.

Who should enroll:
Beginner and mid-level professionals pursuing their careers as cyber-security analysts are encouraged to enroll in this course and benefit with the ease of learning all about OSI layers security and its organizational implementations.

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